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•We passionately pursue caring about all people because God passionately cares about all people. •We are Gospel-centered, Bible-based, and unashamed of God’s truth. We commit to proclaiming it and applying it fearlessly. •We commit to do all we can so that everyone is on the way to becoming more like Jesus. The end goal of worship, small groups and serving teams is to transform lives that will bring God’s saving love to our world. Our concern goes beyond measuring attendance to measuring where you are in your spiritual growth and helping to take the next steps. A dynamic follower of Jesus is a growing follower of Jesus. •We are here to serve and witness to those who do not yet know Christ. The Church is to be the Church wherever God’s people go; the workplace, school, marketplace, recreation, etc. Our desire is not merely to grow a large church but to transform our community by bringing God’s kingdom to our region and world. •We commit to a lifestyle of sacrificial giving through attaining financial freedom for support of the mission to fill the world with dynamic disciples and to bring unprecedented compassion to our world.

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